Operation Last Assault

Available in hardback and eBook


Following the success of Operation Blue Halo, the second in the Johnny Vince series, Operation Last Assault, is now available

Johnny Vince has retired from the Special Forces – but Johnny doesn’t do civilian life. When a mission is offered alongside US military, he grabs at the chance. The task: to rescue wealthy American, Larry Schultz, from captivity in Yemen. However, Johnny has always attracted trouble. From the outset, he is up to his neck in danger. The explosive race to free Schultz from Somali pirates leaves a trail of death, destruction and deceit. Just why is Schultz so important?

But who comes first: his squad members, Larry Schultz, or his brother, held hostage by the same drug cartel which is after Schultz? All Johnny knows is that it has become personal. To save his brother, he has to survive.

Joyce Last Assault v2:Joyce 2


Both books are available in Hardback and eBook anywhere in the world.

Artwork created by Helen Vincent 

Book trailer by WhiteKageMedia